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Currently the home of Des & Paulette Crain and their 3 cats

One of the few grand homes built in Natchez in the decades following the Civil War, The Pillars, then known as the Lawrence House, was constructed not long after the war as the residence of

Mr. & Mrs. Missouri Lawrence.

When Mrs. Lawrence bought the property in 1857 for $2,000, there was an existing frame house which later burned or was demolished.  As originally constructed, the current brick house was probably Italianate in style with interior architectural details that differ little from houses built in the the late 1850’s and 1860’s.  Its original front porch was probably architecturally related to Glen Auburn.  Around 1920, the front porch was remodeled in the popular neoclassic style with order columns, creating the impressive facade seen today. The Lawrence family owned the home until 1892 when it was sold to the first of a succession of owners, notably the family of Lucius Butts who resided there for nearly 60 years. 


The Lawrence home was acquired by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henry in 1997, Mr. and Mrs.Tommy McDonald in 2014 and in 2018, it was purchased by Mr. Patrick (Des) Crain and his wife Paulette Gaston Crain. Come visit The Pillars for a step back in luxurious history.

The Pillars is a pet friendly property

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